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At iTHotel you will find a team of professionals.

At iTHotel you will find a team of professionals who will advise you in a personalized way, having customer service as their fundamental commitment.

At itHotel, excellence is not a goal, but rather the path we take every day to achieve and maintain the total trust and absolute satisfaction of our customers.

Experience shows us every day that service is what determines the success of any project.

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  • Mission Our mission is the commercialization of technology turnkey projects for the hotel and restaurant sector. For this, we have agreements with the main national and international technology providers.
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  • Strengths Deep knowledge of the sector and its needs in the technological field due to the extensive experience of the partners. Experience of 30 years in the hospitality market, and with practically all the brands, which allows us to provide better solutions to the needs raised.
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  • Vision Getting the investment in new technologies to improve production, generate links to enhance customer loyalty, save operating costs through process automation, improving the brand image and getting closer to the end customer.



Our mission is to integrate and commercialize turnkey technology projects for the hotel sector.

  • Announcers Waiters
    Radio notification system, simple, useful and effective so that guests are and feel much better served.
  • Internet - Wifi
    Quality Wi-Fi for clients and conferences and premium Internet available through multiple providers, centralized, reliable and scalable process to integrate with PMS, CRS, CRM providers Specialized technical assistance service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anus. We offer 24/7 and all the necessary services to implement and maintain the network.
  • IPTV system
    We create and customize interactive, IPTV, coaxial and headend solutions. Easy to manage and works with the main hospitality TV brands. Centralized management of equipment and available content.
  • Online Check-in / Check-out. Contactless Operation
    Guests provide check-in information online prior to arrival using the channel of their choice (email and App). A tablet check-in solution can be added to speed up the process and reduce wait time. Automated marketing campaigns provide personalized communication to improve hotel services. Quality surveys provide real-time insight into guest feedback and prevent a bad review. PMS integration is required.
  • App Hotel / Chain
    A phone to offer your guests with a «super-application» inside. It allows you to talk with the concierge and request room service, restaurant reservations, spa, transfers, excursions, etc. City guide with points of interest and guided routes. Mobile key integrated with the main manufacturers of door locks and room control.
  • Digital Signage
    Informative Screens and Digital Signage. Cloud based and very cost effective. It can be implemented using any screen/tv. Management of meeting rooms, visualization of rates, currency exchange rates, flight information, weather, news, ...
  • IP telephony
    IP voice. A very cost effective PBX designed for hotels. Integrated PMS interface. Integrated call log, voicemail and room status. Compatible with all major hotel phone brands.
  • Contents
    Guests are always looking for entertainment options during their stay, whether for business or pleasure. For the hotelier, this is a great opportunity to increase guest satisfaction by offering value-added services that generate additional revenue streams for your business. The interactive TV solution.

Testimonials of our clients

  • IT Hotel es un fiel compañero de viaje en la difícil tarea de implantar, soportar y evolucionar soluciones para nuestros hoteles y huéspedes, me han aportado su conocimiento y experiencia en el sector para llevar a cabo con éxito proyectos de marketing dinámico, atención al huésped o mejora de procesos internos, entre otras soluciones. Fieles a su máxima de calidad de servicio y trato profesional, diferencial sobre otras compañías, sin duda su mayor potencial es su valor humano y su adaptación al cliente para obtener los resultados esperados. Damian Melero, CIO Abba hoteles S.A.
  • itHotel nos implantó el sistema de avisadores. Para nosotros, es uno de los grandes “reinventos” de la hostelería (“back to basics”). Ha mejorado notoriamente nuestra atención al cliente y la calidad en el trabajo diario de nuestro personal. Mariano Face. Director of Operations Confortel Hotels.
  • With the implementation by itHotel of its warning system in our cafeterias, we pursued - and have achieved - a notable improvement in customer service. Day by day it has confirmed that it can be extended to other areas of the business, such as Spas or meeting rooms, obtaining the same positive results. itHotel's after-sales service is impeccable. Carlos Bragado. Director of Information Systems Paradores.
  • Desde que itHotel nos implantó el sistema de avisadores, nos ayuda mucho a no descuidar zonas que no son de fácil acceso o que no están a la vista de nuestros camareros, dando así un mejor servicio a nuestros huéspedes. Al darle la posibilidad al huésped de ponerse en contacto con nosotros cuando desee, nos ahorramos el hecho de molestarlos o interrumpirlos pasando y preguntando constantemente. Y a la vez les da una seguridad de saber que estamos ahí. Fernanda Ruffini. Restaurant Supervisor Hilton Majorca.
  • Desde que itHotel nos implantó el sistema de avisadores, hemos conseguido que nuestros clientes sean atendidos de manera muy rápida y eficaz, racionalizado la carga de trabajo de nuestro equipo evitando viajes innecesarios,y conseguido incrementar la producción al conseguir que una zona que antes estaba “muerta” comercialmente hablando, se haya convertido en un nuevo punto de venta. Por todo ello, estamos realmente satisfechos con la herramienta y con el servicio de mantenimiento de itHotel. Alberto Garcia. Assistant Manager Ayre Gran Hotel Colón.
  • Estamos más que satisfechos con la implantación del sistema de avisadores por parte de itHotel. En nuestro caso, el incremento en ventas ha sido notable, pues donde antes no teníamos ningún tipo de servicio, ahora está constantemente atendido. En realidad, solo hemos visto ventajas. Angel Risueño. Maître NH Abascal.

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